Technical Résumé

2001-now 24dutch – Most of the jobs during this period are commercial technical. During my time at Honeywell there where technical jobs. Please take a look at the tab commercial resume, you can find detailed information these jobs here.

1989 – 1996 Getronics Software – Account Manager, Quotation Specialist, Programmer, Quality Control, Designer.

Getronics Software, Account Manager, 1993 – 1996. See commercial résumé.

Getronics Software, 1990 – 1993 Quotation Specialist, Estimations, Design, RFI, RFQ

Worked as a Quotation Specialist. Responsible for RFI / RFQ projects establishing bids for the fixed price fixed date software services projects. Specifying the definition studies (Yourdon, Object Orientation) in close coöperation with the customer, cost price calculations (CoCoMo, FPA, Wideband Judgement), project management plans, quality control plans (ISO 9001, CMM), configuration control plans and validation and verification plans for several software projects.

Getronics Software, Quotation Specialist, RFI, RFQ,Estimation (4 person team)

Responsible for the software cost price calculations (40 M Dutch guilders) of a technical scientific management information system for the Dutch Defense Government. Was responsible for the intake analysis (quality control) of the incoming basic design, definition of the system architecture and the cost price calculations for the future realization of the management information system. Specified the project management plan, quality control plan, configuration control plan and validation and verification plan. Top secret, State top secret. Did more of these 40 M projects starting with the RFI and RFQ: Definition studies, Data models, Functional Models most of the time thousands of pages and establishing the Quotations. We were successful in winning the projects.

Worked as a quality coördinator and quotation auditor, maintaining the iso 9001 quality system within the organization as a lead auditor. Responsible for audits on quotations for projects where risk is taken on the financial side. A second opinion on the estimations and the risk of these projects. Besides this the investigation to new quality control systems like CMM (capability maturity model)

Getronics Software, Honeywell, Cacao de Zaan, Process Automation

Worked as a senior system designer, team leader for a 4 person project team.
The realization of a plant control system for a Cocoa Factory, with TDC 3000 hardware and a PC network. Definition of the interfaces between the project teams. Definition of the requirements with the customer and the realization of the functional and technical design with Yourdon Hatley and Pirbhai analysis and design methods. And the realization of the CL software including testing and acceptance by the customer.

Getronics Software, Dutch Government, Rijkswaterstaat

Worked as a senior system designer. Responsible for specifying the basic design of a measuring network information system to measure information regarding the water household in the Netherlands. Methods used are Yourdon analysis and Bachmann diagrams for the data structure. Responsible for the quality control.

Getronics Software, Honeywell

Worked as a senior system designer, team leader for a 4 person software development team.
Responsible for the requirements specification and software design and the realization of batch control software for a steel furnace factory, the analysis & design was done with Yourdon (Hatley and Pirbhai) In another project the information analysis in close coöperation with the customer, the target system was the Honeywell TDC 3000. Further active participation in specifying definition studies, requirements analysis and accompanying estimations for new projects.

Getronics Software, Process Industry, Dow Chemicals

Worked as analyst programmer expanding a control program for trip analysis of an axle for a chemical factory. Pascal programming on a micro Vax. Operating system VMS. 30 person project, the data interface to Oracle. Design method Yourdon.

Getronics Software, Automotive, NavSys

Worked on the NavSys software analyzing the best route to the destination and after that handle the navigation with the help of arrow signals to the desired destination. Make the software more structured and improve the quality by introducing a state machine to refine the software by adding different stages in the process. And adding new functionality.

1985 – 1989 ICT Novotech – Designer, Programmer, Beta tester

ICT Novotech, Philips Medical Systems

Worked as a software manager defining and coördinating the final test for a major release of the MR scanner (magnetic resonance scanner). The software management group was responsible for releasing new versions of the MR scanner for customer use. My responsibility was defining and coordinating the acceptance test procedures and the acceptance test plan for release 3.0 of the MR scanner. During the test coördinating the acceptance test team, and taking care of a project-wise handling of the test according to the test plan. Hardware DEC VAX and DEC microVAX (VMS)

ICT Novotech, Philips USFA Cryptography

Worked as a technical designer on a 15 person project. Product development for NATO encryption devices for the encryption of data on several digital connections. Real-time software (state machines, embedded software) design and realization. As analysis and design method Yourdon was used. Computers used for development DEC VAX (VMS) and Philips PMDS (UNIX). The microprocessor used in the encryption device was an Intel 8086 programmed in PL/M86 and in assembler 8086.

ICT Novotech, Honeywell

The realization of a steel oven control system for Nedstaal Alblasserdam with a Honeywell – IPC COPRAM 620 computer and Honeywell IPC plc. PLC control language and OS9 operating system with Basic control language.

1981 – 1985 Technical Highschool – study

Technical Highschool, Medical Product DevelopmentWorked as programmer, 2 person project

Hardware and Software requirements analysis, the design and realization of the prototype of a portable breathing analysis devise. Real-time software development to display the measured data and perform several calculations on the measured data. 6502 Processor, programming language Assembler 6502.

Technical University, Hardware & Software Development

Worked as a hardware and software engineer, 1 person project.Hardware development for a microwave measuring controller used at the Microwave faculty of the TU. Programming the Apple computer to control the microwave measuring equipment. Real-time software development.