Commercial Résumé

2001 – now 24dutch – IT Consultancy & Business Development.
My expertise: People, Relations, IT & Trade. My goal: Assist companies with their IT-related bottlenecks: IT sales / business development, IT strategic purchasing,  IT quotations.  The work I do is always a combination of:

  • People – the human factor, relations
  • IT – my area of expertise
  • Trade – Commercial and Relational work: Trade & Commerce

2021 – now Owner, (SAAS Startup for MSP Billing reconciliation services): We simplify the end-of-month billing process from an MSP!

We make the life of MSP’s easy with our software by providing them with a tool to process all types of incoming invoices into usable data and perform several cross check’s on the billable deliverables to the customer. At the end of the month, there is a fast and reliable billing sequence: faster checking, fewer errors, less money loss, less stress, a better overview, more control, and no more corrective invoices to customers afterwards.

2015-2021 Hengelo,  Enschede, Owner, IT Recruitment Services
Assist companies searching and providing the best person for the IT job. With the same bloodline and the requested expertise plus of course the bite to go the extra mile for the customer ! Specialized in IT professionals and IT sales professionals. 

2011-2014 Enschede, Social Media Services, Shareholder.
Sales and advice for Social Media Services to Dutch and German companies. Services consisted of Turn-key solution for Social Media considering the complete social media landscape, including websites: Analysis and advice to the customers giving them the best social media solutions needed to reach the customers from their company. Company workforce was 5 full-timers, and around 20 University Twente Communication students depending on their time and our needs and work available.

2009-2010 Amsterdam, Software Consultancy, Freelancer, Process Control Industry
Worked as document control lead. Setting up the document control team in order to optimize the quality, consistency, traceability, and track ability of outgoing and incoming documents. Provide a consistent source of knowledge of documents received and sent to the customer. Analyze documents and review of documents before sending them to the customer.

2007-2009 London, Freelancer, Software Consultancy, Process Control Industry
Worked as beta-test manager and IT purchaser. Setting up the beta test document in order to verify the status of the new hardware and software that was just released by the R&D department. Important to check in advance due to the size of the project which was one billion dollar plus. Handled the software and hardware purchases for the 1000 person plus development team. Setup of the Beta test for the new process control system as an intake test for this brand new system to the subsidiary in London.

2004-2006 Amersfoort, Manchester, Sales, Call Centre software solution
Worked as an account manager responsible for the Benelux and German market. Expand sales into Europe and analyze possibilities. Outbound call center productivity & efficiency solution, turn-key solution. Sold in Germany and the BeNeLux area, targets were gained.

2001-2003 Amersfoort, Osnabrück, Sales, IP Billing / Company IP Billing software solution
Worked as a country manager/account manager responsible for the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg) area. The intention of the company: expand sales in the Benelux area. OSS/BSS solution for mediation, rating and billing solution used for corporate billing, application service providers. Targets gained.

2003- 2004 Hengelo, Seoul, Korea, Friend Finder App, Thinkware systems, Smart Phone Navigation software
Worked on the business development part for the introduction of the Friend Finder App. App to determine where your friends real time are located near you. Made the Business Plan and executed the introduction.

1998 – 2001 Thales – Hengelo, Strategic Purchaser Software & Services
Strategic Purchaser for IT: Software and Services. Responsible for all the technical software licenses used for hardware and software development, embedded software.  Furthermore the in-sourcing and outsourcing of software services in the form of software FP/FD projects.

1996 – 1998 CMG (now Logica) Rotterdam – Consultant, Quality Coordinator: Worked as IT Consultant for CMG industry, several projects and worked as Quality Coordinator for CMG Rotterdam. Certified Lead Auditor ISO 9001. Worked as a quality coordinator. Maintain the quality system within the organization. Responsible for audits on quotations for projects where risk is taken on the financial side.

1989 – 1996 Getronics (now KPN, prior DATEX) den Bosch, Rotterdam, Assen, Amsterdam, Amersfoort – Account Manager, Technical Sales Support, Designer, Programmer.

Account Manager 1993-1996
Account manager for the branch Trade, Transport & Industry responsible for the sales of IT-services. Targets gained. Turnover in Process Automation services sector increased from 1 person to 10 persons working on projects with customers. In total 25 people working on projects in the Trade transport and industry sector for customers.

Quotation Specialist, 1991 – 1993
Worked as technical commercial sales with the responsibility to make bids for the fixed price fixed date software projects. Definition study: analysis and specification of the requirements together with the customer for numerous projects varying from 10000 to 40.000.000.

One specific huge quotation I worked on and sold is, for instance, the so-called “Maeslantkering in the Nieuwe Waterweg” which is one of the major projects for the water defense system in the Netherlands.