Short Résumé

Commercial support for IT related issues

I am an experienced International IT Sales/Business Developer/Strategic Purchaser. Experienced selling and purchasing complex and technical solutions and services. Energetic, persistent, reliable, with good soft skills. I am as comfortable working independently as I am in a team. Languages: Dutch, English (worked in the UK for several years), German (worked and lived in Germany for several years) plus a small bit of French just to start up a conversation, worked in Paris for some time. Always interested in learning new technologies, just because I am curious (DARQ, SMAC). Experienced in establishing and analysing IT quotations and contracts, Insourcing, outsourcing, (X)AAS services as well as licenses and projects. In the end, it all comes down to the human factor which company/person is doing the IT job, are they interested and capable and do they have the manpower in delivering the services needed/specified?

Always interested in new technologies, worked for several startups and helped companies with the startup of their sales in Mainland Europe. Seasoned in IT sales and IT consultancy specialized in consultative technical sales of software services. Seasoned in dealing with multi-level sales/decision-making processes. Comfortable in the sales cycle or purchasing cycle of technical products/solutions with a lot of IT and a lot of in-depth knowledge to share. Experienced in Sales as well as in Strategic Purchasing of IT licenses, services and solutions for big companies I can relate to the issues and demands required to make these companies more successful.

Experienced in establishing Quotations within the IT workspace. My background is IT/Software. Seasoned Software Engineer with experience in all the different fields and expertise areas of software. Real-Time experience as well as Administrative experience: Programming, Design, Analysis, Project management, Quotations. Biggest software building quotations responsibility where several huge 40 million projects. Biggest project ever worked on was a 1 Billion Euro plus software and hardware development project.