Seasoned in IT & Commerce

Since 2001 24dutch assists IT companies to increase their growth. This growth can be Sales / Business Development or other IT related work such as IT Recruiting or IT Strategic Purchasing. The keywords are People, Trade & IT:

  • IT Sales
  • IT Business Development
  • IT Strategic Purchasing
  • IT Quotations
  • IT Recruiting

With an elaborate technical background in IT and commercial experience, my work-field is selling and purchasing complex IT solutions and IT services.  I have the background and interest to understand the subject matter, still learning everyday. And I can relate to the persons involved. 

With our social media company the expertise is there to make the connection to the customer with the help of the appropriate social media channels. 20000 plus connections on LinkedIn, Xing, and other b2b, b2c and other social media channels applicable. Savvy and 20 years of experience in platform sales with 2 platform companies: establish virtual contact, build virtual trust, close the deal virtual, and then deliver what you said you would deliver !  After that the follow up to verify the customer is happy !

More information about the sales jobs at 24dutch can be found under my short resume tab. More detailed info on the commercial tab, or the technical tab to gain information about the technical jobs I did.